Individuality is Fine as Long as We All Do It Together

Now is the time at Ed when we juxtapose!

Harry Reid in August of 2010: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

Harry Reid today. As John Sexton paraphrases at Hot Air,Marco Rubio has to understand who he is…” And in Harry’s mind, Rubio’s race should trump his conservative ideology. Full quote here:


Don’t forget who he is. Marco Rubio was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is from Las Vegas, went to high school there. His cousin serves in the Nevada State Legislature. Marco Rubio has to understand who he is and who he represents. He doesn’t represent the tea party. He represents the state of Florida, the third largest populated state in the country, [that] has all kind of problems and he has to recognize that.”

Rubio’s classy response here:

And then of course, there was this infamous racial moment from Harry.

(Headline via Frank Burns; concept via SDA.)


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