Ed Driscoll

'Obama is Not as Nice as He Looks'

You don’t say.

An editorial at the Washington Examiner notes, “Even as public opposition mounted to his policies — Obamacare, the failed economic stimulus program, cap and trade, skyrocketing government deficits — Obama retained a reserve of public good will reflected in consistently strong personal favorability ratings.”

But, the Examiner adds, that may be changing as we roll into election year 2012:

Odds are we will see more of this meaner side of the Obama persona in the months ahead because, as columnist and former GOP presidential aide Pete Wehner notes, “now that he finds himself intellectually outmatched by Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, and in a precarious situation when it comes to his re-election, Obama is dropping his past civility sermons down the memory hole. Decency and respect for others has suddenly become passe. Talking about our disagreements without being disagreeable has been overtaken by events. Not impugning the character of the opposition is fine as long as it’s convenient, but it’s to be ignored whenever necessary.” In other words, we’re now seeing the real Obama in what promises to be an ugly campaign.

Hey, sometimes it’s necessary to alienate the entire country in order to get it to vote for you.

But I must say though, as a bitter, clinging, typical white person who grew up in boring suburbia, and who’s concerned about soaring energy costs, sippin’ Slurpees and driving the car into a ditch while listening to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, I can’t say that “decency and respect for others has suddenly become passe” with Obama — it’s been missing ever since he became a public figure.

Why, it’s as if the president telegraphed his punitive nature in a book or something.

So why is the often-astute Examiner acting like this is a new development?

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President Whatever finds things not going his way