Ed Driscoll

Personally, I Blame the Clip Art in the Airline's Onboard Magazine

NBC-Chicago reported on Wednesday that “3 ‘Strange’ Men Cause Flight Diversion — at least one man of ‘Middle Eastern descent’ got into a fight with an attendant, passengers say:”

A Portland, Ore.-bound flight made a “level two emergency” stop in Chicago Tuesday night after passengers said three men, reportedly of Middle Eastern descent, were acting strangely, even fighting with flight crews.

At least one of the men walked back to the area of the plane where flight attendants work, laid down and began complaining of illness. That man engaged in “some sort of altercation” with the flight attendant, a passenger said.

At one point another man, who was pacing back and forth in the aisles, also got into a “verbal altercation” with a flight attendant, according to a passenger.

Other men of “Middle Eastern descent” were passing notes and “writing in their notebooks,” a source told NBC Chicago.

United contacted officials at O’Hare and alerted them that the flight, which originated in Washington D.C., would stop. The flight was diverted to Chicago.

Via Doug Ross’s “Utterly random, non-Islamophobic news items o’ the day.”