Ed Driscoll

'The Prosecution Never Asked, Who Started It?"

Ironies abound in this New York Daily News story on Muzzammil Hassan, who was sentenced today for 25 to life for beheading his wife:

The husband claimed as his defense that his wife was abusive toward him and that his actions were justified, claiming he suffered from battered spouse syndrome.

“The prosecution has never asked, who started it?” the killer said during his trial, WIVB 4 News in Buffalo reported. “They never asked the question, who started it? That is the core question that needs to be answered.”

Muzzammil Hassan founded Bridge TV in 2004. The American-Islamic station was designed to combat the negative stereotype of Muslims post-9/11.

Which worked out far worse than Charlie Sheen’s efforts at combating the negative stereotypes of Hollywood actors.

In entirely unrelated news, “GOP Rep. Peter King said he’s received death threats,” CBN News reports. “The House Homeland Security Committee is scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss the radicalization of American Muslims.”

(Via Ann Althouse)

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