Ed Driscoll

They Grow the Memory Hole Big in Chicago

From Doug Ross, “Unexpectedly: crucial phone conversations between Rahm Emanuel and Blago now ‘mysteriously missing’ from federal prosecutors’ evidence:”

Ain’t Chicago politics — especially at the national level — grand?

Two seemingly crucial phone conversations between then Governor Rod Blagojevich and then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel are “mysteriously missing” from the collection of evidence held by prosecutors, according to Blago’s defense team.

The calls were made around December 8, 2008, the day before Blago was arrested by the Feds.

You may recall that Blago appeared to be caught on tape negotiating with various parties for Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat. His discussions with White House adviser Rahm Emanuel and SEIU muckety-mucks were taped by the FBI. Only the tapes with Emanuel have — unexpectedly! — gone AWOL.

Sandy Berger’s trousers could not be reached for comment.