Ed Driscoll

Andrea Mitchell: GOP 'Trying to Appropriate Ronald Reagan'

Oh, Andrea:

In attempting to praise Ronald Reagan and his legacy, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell ruffled the feathers of conservative columnist Peggy Noonan on Meet the Press when Mitchell claimed Republicans are “trying to appropriate Ronald Reagan for their own political purposes now.”

I guess if you are Andrea Mitchell, it’s ok for Obama to appropriate Reagan for his own political purposes, but not for Republicans to do the same.

It’s amusing that anyone would have an issue with Republicans “claiming Reagan as a mantle”.  Because, you know, it’s not like Reagan was a successful Republican leader or anything like that.  Now, odds are not every Republican who invokes Reagan does so sincerely, but…does Obama?

But how can a television journalist who can’t identify the worldview of her co-workers or George Soros’ ideology be qualified to discuss whether Republicans can “appropriate” the legacy of a Republican president?