Ed Driscoll

Oh No! The Dreaded Dick Morris Jinx Strikes GOP!

“Republicans Poised to Win Senate,” Morris proclaims:

know we predicted Republican Senate control in 2010. Republicans did gain seven seats and came within four of winning control. Razor thin defeats in Colorado and Washington and unexpected thrashings in Nevada and West Virginia proved us wrong.But this time — honest — we are going to win!

The battlegrounds in 2012 are a lot more red and less blue than in 2010. If we switch seats in North Dakota, Florida, Nebraska, Virginia and Montana — red states all — we get control by 52-48.

And the way 2012 is shaping up, Republican control is more and more likely.

Start with retirements. Kent Conrad, the North Dakota liberal twin of retired Byron Dorgan, has announced that he won’t run again. That seat is a sure GOP pickup.

Jim Webb, D-Va., has raised very little money, speaks with ambivalence about President Obama’s programs and has not yet decided whether to run. George Allen’s announced challenge to his re-election should cool him off even further, and he’ll probably drop out. Not a sure pickup, but if the Republican Party nominates Allen — and not some latter-day Christine O’Donnell — we should be all right.

Read the whole thing. And remind yourself that fortunately, there’s still plenty of time for the GOP, if they work hard between now and November of 2012, to avoid the dreaded Dick Morris jinx.