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‘Leftists Bring Swastikas to Koch Protest’

Lefties and Swastikas does sound rather appropriate, but not in the way they were intended. As Alana Goodman writes at Commentary, everything’s back to business as usual for the left:


So the left’s newfound respect for “civil discourse” lasted about as long as it took to link Sarah Palin to a completely unrelated murderous rampage, as it now looks like things are back to business as usual. At a protest against Koch Industries over the weekend, activists carried signs emblazoned with swastikas and 9/11 “truth” slogans, chanted “no justice, no peace,” and shut down a busy street in Rancho Mirage, California.

The demonstration, organized by Common Cause, was meant to protest the Citizens United ruling. Why the group’s ire was directed at Koch Industries — which had no involvement whatsoever in the Supreme Court case — is an excellent question.

According to Common Cause, Koch benefited from the ruling and supported groups that filed amicus briefs on behalf of Citizens United during the case. Fair enough. But that doesn’t explain why Common Cause invited labor unions to the rally, which have profited from the Supreme Court’s ruling as well.

Not to mention the ACLU, which also filed an amicus brief in support of Citizens United, arguing that it was a free-speech issue. Will Common Cause bus in protesters to scream eliminationist rhetoric outside the ACLU’s offices next?

Probably not — getting arrested while protesting the ACLU just doesn’t have the same charm to it as getting arrested while protesting an “evil” corporate titan. Though a bit more consistency would at least help make Common Cause look a tad less clownish.


And they really went out of their way to beclown themselves:

[youtube GkjWCDe1M00]

Shades of the days of the Seattle anti-globalization protesters of the late 1990s, who would protest biiiig corporations free trade, and material progress in third world nations, and then pop into the local Starbucks for some sweet sustainably harvested shade-grown organic Indonesia Blue Java.

And then smash the store’s plate glass windows on the way out.

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