Ed Driscoll

Yes It's a Problem Sir, But It Can't Be Bent

Filmmaker Korey H. Rowe, the producer of the infamous Truther documentary Loose Change was arrested on Monday and charged with the sale of heroin, according to Binghamton, New York Fox affiliate WICZ.com:

The production [of Loose Change], which got lots of  attention on the internet, and attracted both lavish praise and harsh criticism, questioned the official version of 911.

Filmmaker Korey H. Rowe, 27, of Oneonta, was one of two people arrested in Oneonta on Thursday and charged with sale of heroin.

Oneonta Police said Rowe and Daniel Marte Jr., 19, of the Bronx, were arrested after the two allegedly sold seven packets of heroin in the city to an undercover police officer, police said both men were charged with third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance.

As Ace quips, “Of course, this will just lead to further conspiracy theories. The man set him up.” But then, once you go truther, whether it’s JFK or WTC, you never go back, as James Lileks once wrote about the original bottomless conspiracy of ’63:

Once you start to believe in the dark shadowy forces, you’re done with the world. You’re done engaging it, you’re done enjoying it. There’s no point. It’s a sham, a shell, a shiny façade erected by the Jews / Bilderburgers / Trilateral Commission/ Council on Foreign Relations /  Project for a New American Century / Masons / Knights Templar / Illuminati / Federal Reserve / Rockefeller-Royal Family Nexus / Bush Crime Syndicate / League of Grim Intent, and all you can do is post on the internet and call talk radio to argue with the hosts who think we’re free people.

Oh and speaking of cinematic truthers and drug-related stories, Charlie Sheen “is said to be replacing his gnashers with gold implants after years of cocaine use rotted them,” according to the London Sun.  Chew on that story for what it’s worth.

But needless to say, drugs really are bad, mmmkay?