Maria, If You Need Me, I'll Be In The Learjet

To paraphrase another internationally famous (albeit fictional) Teutonic celebrity, now is the time at Ed when we juxtapose!

“Arnold Targets Global Warming,” CBS News, June 2nd 2005:


Declaring climate change to be an indisputable threat, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a plan to combat global warming by setting goals for reducing California’s emissions of greenhouse gases.

“Today, California will be a leader in the fight against global warming,” Schwarzenegger told a United Nations conference on the environment on Wednesday.

“I say the debate is over. We know the science, we see the threat and we know the time for action is now,” he said.

Hard-hitting action involving such personal sacrifice as highlighted in this Reuters article from Friday:

“We hate your job,” Schwarzenegger quoted family members as saying during his early years as governor when he would leave his Los Angeles home every Monday morning for the capital, Sacramento, and not return until the end of the week.

“It was heartbreaking every time,” said Schwarzenegger, a Republican who served as governor from 2003 until early this month. “In my second term of office, I did better. I tried to fly home every evening.”


As Doug Powers writes, “Schwarzenegger’s enduring political legacy in California may be his innate ability to talk about his life in a way to which the common man (and Al Gore) can easily relate.”

Normally though, as with the high-flying Goracle, the anti-“binge flying” factions of the global warming brigade will give Arnold a pass when they shoot PSAs such as this one

[youtube fxis7Y1ikIQ]

…But if the dreaded  “Cataclysmic Superstorm,” — which sounds like something the title of something that Joel Silver or Roland Emmerich might produce starring Schwarzenegger — barrels through Arnold’s adopted home state, how would  he be able to sleep at night?

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(Concept via SDA)


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