Ed Driscoll

Quote of the Day Part I

Found at Prof. William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection blog and written this past November, a commenter explored the theme of projection:

The problem with Greenwald and other liberals is that since classic liberalism [not to be confused with classical liberalism — Ed] by definition is intellectual inconsistency — taking what one has earned, being it wealth, political power, knowledge, what have you, and giving it to those least deserving of it — all liberals have blind spots where their intellectual arguments fail and their default bigotry and hatred kick in.

For Rachel Maddow, a Rhodes Scholar and doctor of philosophy who holds her “news show” to a higher standard, it’s the tens of millions of average Tea Party Americans out there she can’t possibly begin to understand, let alone connect with. For Keith Olbermann, scion of MSNBC and not an “entertainer” by his own standards, it’s his jealousy any of the far more successful personalities on Fox News. Ed Schultz, who rails against “Republican thugs” all day, is crushed under the knowledge that he is nothing more than a brutish water carrier for the President he cannot respect. For Andrew Sullivan, terribly cultured Brit, it’s Sarah Palin and her all-American family he can never have, and for Glenn Greenwald, the disillusioned man who studies secular law, it’s clearly his problems with Israel and those who have faith he has clearly lost.

All liberalism is? Classic projection of a liberal’s faults onto those they despise the most.


Found via Sunday’s “Day By Day” Cartoon. Let’s see Garfield try that some time…

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