Ed Driscoll

'The Guardian Goes Full Orwell'

The Public Secrets blog notes:

I realize the UK’s Guardian is pretty far down toward the Left end of the scale, but does Commissar Simon Jenkins realize just how… dumb this headline and summary sounds?

Free speech can’t exist unchained. US politics needs the tonic of order

If America is to speak in a way that heals, as Obama wishes, it needs the curbs and regulations that make freedom of expression real

Didn’t guys named “Benito” and “Adolph” say much the same thing in the last century?

Well, think of it as the liberal fascisti, or enlightened Nazism, as another Guardian-approved writer said 80 years ago.

But then, as I wrote earlier today at the Tatler, it’s Orwell’s world, we’re just living in it:

And of course in retrospect, the Guardian went full Orwell long ago.