Why Not Just Declare War on Albania? It's Much Faster

Ann Althouse, with an assist from an unlikely ally, runs down “a partial list of some of the incidents the left has tried to pin on conservatives:”

“The Columbine shooters. The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing… The DC sniper. The New York City Times Square car bomb attempt. They tried to blame that on some Tea Partier angry at the health law, then we find out that was radical Islamists. The February 2010 IRS plane attack in San Antonio. Remember that? It had to be an anti-government clown that flew that plane into the IRS office, had to be. The Pentagon subway shooter. The Fort Hood attack. The Discovery Channel hostage taker. And this guy [John Patrick] Bedell who went into the Pentagon and wanted to shoot these people up. This guy, by the way, is a dead ringer for Loughner. Amy Bishop who shot her colleagues at that Alabama college.”


Funny how it’s almost as long as this list.

Related: Andrew Marcus calls for hearings:

We are therefore openly calling for public hearings to look into the actions of political agitators in this nation.

Democrats have made it clear that they want to investigate and restrict Fox News, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Breitbart, and others to be sure. In fact, there are so many conservatives to investigate, we need to come up with a strategy to tackle the work.

We propose that any investigation begin with events that led to criminal behavior, like say the WTO riots in Seattle. Or the RNC riots in St. Paul. Or the angry mob protests that have taken place at the home of Bank of America executives. Or the Kenneth Gladney beating. That should provide a good start.

When would the Progressive Democrats like to schedule these hearings?

Right after they prep the B-3 bomber for its next mission.

More: “A Modest Proposal to End The Progressive Media Tuscon Hate Talk — Don’t Bash Them, Find Other Things For Them To Blame.”



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