The Frat Pack is Back, Baby!

“Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong,” John Podhoretz wrote in September:

Presidents become incompetent at doing the things they were always able to do in their sleep, and their aides follow suit. I noted this when I wrote my first book, Hell of a Ride, about the decline and fall of the first President Bush, back in 1993. When Bush spoke, it rained, and his advancemen weren’t quick-thinking enough to move his events indoors. When he went to Japan on a state visit, he vomited.

And Obama has to deal with photos such as this:

Welcome back to the frat pack days of the Clinton White House. Or the Bush White House if you're Maureen Dowd. In any case, it's a photo that had President Bush or his aides been a part of, would have had the boys in the MSM ready to pounce for displaying such out of touch aloofness during times of domestic economic hardship and overseas tensions.

And then there's this photo of the president himself; note the misbuttoned blazer:

And worse, this one:

During their vacations, the Gipper and Dubya often favored western wear such as jeans and cowboy boots, both because they were comfortable in such attire, and very likely because it cheesed off their uber-PC foes in the media, but projected an image of strength overseas.

Foreign leaders employ a similar gambit when vacationing, which you can see easily in all of the photos of Vladimir Putin striking macho poses in the Russian countryside. Those images come across as more than a little over-the-top to western audiences, but I'll bet they play very well at home.

On the flip-side -- or the flip-flop side in this case -- how do you think an image of the nation's Commander-in-Chief in flip-flops plays overseas?