Ed Driscoll

Will that Translate into Five or Six Dollars a Gallon in California?

AWR Hawkins asks, “When Gas Hits Four Dollars a Gallon, Will It Be Slow Enough for Obama This Time?”

While campaigning for the presidency in 2008, Barack Obama spoke to the $4 a gallon gasoline prices Americans were facing by making it clear he had no problem with gas prices at that level. He simply “would have preferred a gradual adjustment” toward that price. In other words, he wasn’t bothered that gasoline hit $4 a gallon, just that it did so too quickly.

Fortunately for the American consumer, shortly after fuel prices had skyrocketed to those levels they dropped enough that when Obama took office they were hovering around $1.81 a gallon. But two years into the Obama presidency, and one offshore drilling moratorium later, prices are well over $3 a gallon in much of the country and climbing fast.


There will the opportunity for some grim humor, however. Having gone on the record as supporting high gasoline prices themselves, at least the kabuki games the MSM will be playing to protect the president will be amusing to watch.

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