More Rubes Continue To Self-Identify

“Just a reminder: Wall Street still hates the Obama administration,” Ed Morrissey and/or Allahpundit sum up the tone of this Politico item at Hot Air:


Along the gilded corridors of Manhattan’s largest banks, hedge funds and private equity firms and inside Washington’s financial lobby shops, Obama and the rest of his administration are regarded with a disdain so thick it often blurs to naked loathing, a fact that has significant implications for the president’s reelection campaign and his ability to operate over the next two years.

In an effort to understand such animus POLITICO interviewed a dozen senior Wall Street denizens, including C-suite executives, investment bankers, traders and financial lobbyists, who were promised anonymity in return.

Their complaints fell along similar lines: Obama and the White House don’t understand how capital markets work, don’t like people who make a lot of money and relish using Wall Street as a whipping boy to score points with the left.

Hey, Wall Street has only themselves to blame for being so gung-ho for the coolness they imagined they saw Obama in 2008. The rest of us tried to warn them that the junior senator from Illinois has never been a champion of free markets or capitalism during his entire adult life.

On the other hand, Wall Street can’t be entirely dissatisfied with the president they helped elect, or the outgoing corporatist Congress. But then, the past two years have seen more than a little Kabuki being played.


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