'Objective' Reuters Journalist Dubs Obama 'Comeback Kid'

Well, this was inevitable.

Back in June, I wrote:

As we’ve seen in the previous two posts, Brian Williams of NBC is having second thoughts about Obama, as is Gloria Borger of CNN. Meanwhile, ABC runs an article with this metatag, and a similar, if slightly toned down headline: “Oil, Immigration, Romanoff: Is the Obama Administration Falling Apart?”

Assuming BP is able to get the oil spill in the Gulf plugged, how much of this is the media laying the groundwork for their “comeback kid” narrative to roll out…right around September or early October, and running to, oh at least, the first Tuesday in November — and possibly longer, depending upon the outcome on election night?

Who knows how the next months will play out, but it’s something to salt away for the future.


And the future is now!

As Jim Hoft writes at Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama held a press conference this afternoon after Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed and the liberal Senate passed START Treaty and the 9-11 Emergency Responder’s Bill.

The first reporter Caren Bohan from Reuters praised Barack Obama as “The Comeback Kid.”

[youtube vyysPA9XjBE]

Hey, at least she didn’t ask the president what “enchanted you the most from serving in this office,” as the New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny did last year, thus proving that cool dispassionate objectivity has finally returned to a once-smitten press corps.

Related: On the PJM homepage, with alliteration aforethought, Bryan Preston explores how a shellacked Obama is readying his regulatory runarounds. We know he’ll have a complicit and docile press; how painful will it be to watch the incoming GOP Congress swimming upstream against the president and his MSM PR flaks?



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