Ed Driscoll

Gray Lady Down!

“Netflix Bumps New York Times From S&P 500,” Tim Molloy write on Thursday at the Media Alley blog:

The S&P 500 has handed a gift-wrapped anecdote to the author of some future book about the changing face of media: The Associated Press reports that Netflix will displace the New York Times Company Friday in the Standard and Poor’s index Friday.

Gosh, who could have seen seen this one coming?

In related news, back in March of 2008, the Political Calculations blog boldly calculated:

Sometime, within the next twelve to eighteen months, the average circulation of the weekday edition of the New York Times will drop below one million. This event marks the continuing decline in the fortunes of what had been the U.S. newspaper of record as the New York Times’ average circulation has been well above this level for decades.

On October 25th, the Gray Lady herself reported:

The [Wall Street] Journal was one of only two major newspapers to report an increase. The other was The Dallas Morning News, which posted an increase of 0.3 percent to 264,000 after including a smaller sister paper in its figures.

Behind USA Today in the No. 3 spot was The New York Times, with an average weekday circulation of 877,000. That was down 6 percent from the same six-month period last year. The Los Angeles Times was No. 4 with 600,000, down 9 percent. The Washington Post was No. 5 with 545,000, down 6 percent.

Keep flucking that chicken, fellas.