Ed Driscoll

Chris Matthews: Hardball ‘Non-Partisan,’ Washington Post ‘Neocon’

Swallow all beverages before reading this headline; we are not responsible for what happens to your monitors if you execute a spit-take, Danny Thomas style: “Chris Matthews Insists ‘Hardball Is Absolutely Nonpartisan.'”

But it gets better!

But to Matthews, The Washington Post has now devolved into a “neocon” paper. He reads the Washington Examiner first, then Politico, and “Then I look at the [Washington] Post, which is not what it used to be. Each year it’s less than what it used to be before….It’s so neocon I can hardly read it….I read the New York Times….You gotta read some other newspapers before you read the Times, you have to work your way up to it…. The [Wall Street] Journal, once in a while, not often.”

The Washington Post neoconservative? True, they just brought in Jennifer Rubin from Commentary and PJM, but still, that’s one writer. The guys who were on the JournoList, not to mention those employed by the formerly Post-owned Newsweek must be chuckling at Matthews’ paranoia, the silliest reference to neocons by a liberal advocate posing as an objective journalist since Tina Brown railed against the imaginary neocons of the 1930s.