Ed Driscoll

Backward ran the Mea Culpas until Reeled the Mind

In Time magazine, Mark Halperin writes:

The business community considers Obama ignorant about markets at best, a socialist at worst (O.K., some business people entertain an even harsher assessment). [After backing Obama themselves in 2008 — Ed] The media, after aiding and abetting his ride to the White House, now see the President as incompetent and overwhelmed.

While it would be churlish to mention that Time magazine was a part of the suddenly anonymous media that Halperin refers to, to be fair, there was truth in advertising. In 2008, a Time magazine cover story famously compared Obama to FDR, after all, a comparison that cuts both ways, as we now know.

On the other hand, FDR never lost his far left base, in part because progressivism was still actually something novel in the 1930s. Obama on the other hand? Read his lips