Charlie Rangel: 'I Don't Deal with Average American citizens'

At his press conference today, a day in which Rangel was censured, and then received the standing-O from his fellow Democrats,  Charlie accidentally stumbled into the perfect metaphor for the 111th Congress and the requisite shellacking they so richly deserved.


Kerry Picket was the victim of Rangel’s verbal abuse; she has the video of the enraged congressman at the Washington Times, and a transcript via Real Clear Politics:

If an average American citizen “went through similar circumstances as yourself that they may be punished in a worse way?”

Rangel lashed out at the reporter: “Please, I’m not a psychiatrist. I don’t deal in average American citizens.”

“I’ll come back to you when you have a good question,” he added.

Here’s to all of you, Real Congressmen of Genius!

[youtube UksfV5V7R20]


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