Ed Driscoll

In The Mail

Mark Steyn’s latest Christmas CD, complete with the sort of understated cover art reminiscent of a more tasteful bygone era in music, which one would expect to be associated with the Steyn brandname:

The CD is available from Mark Website, where Mark writes:

I know the on-again off-again nature of SteynOnline in recent months has sorely tried readers’ patience. Rather boringly, I have some health issues that demand somewhat more attention than I’ve been able to give them. So rather than keep driving you nuts by showing signs of life on the home page for a day or two and then lapsing back into sleep mode for a week, we’re going to close up shop for a while.

I very much regret having to do this. SteynOnline opened up just before Thanksgiving 2002 and, usually at this time of year, we’d be doing a big old anniversary bonanza. In recent seasons, late November and December have found me out on the airwaves plugging Jessica’s and my annual Christmas offering. But our instant disco classic will have to make it without my help this year. I would be remiss in not adding that it and many other delights remain available at our bookstore.

We will return before the end of the year. You can take that to the bank (and stick it in the vault next to your credit default swap).

Get well, soon.

Update (11/29/10): Welcome Steyn Online readers!