Ed Driscoll

Yet Another Presidential Metaphor

Ultimate Nanny State president’s distant relationship with voters called into question by America’s most popular television nanny:

“The Fran Drescher Tawk Show,” yes, a play on that annoying unique accent of hers, is a daily, one-hour entertainment talk show set to debut on FOX on November 26, featuring Drescher’s commentary on everything from “pedicures to politics.”Let’s dive in to the latter, shall we?

The former sitcom star feels President Obama has a long way to go in terms of successfully leading the country.

“He needs to work on being a father figure for the nation, I really think that’s an important component in being President and that was exemplified by Roosevelt,” she told Pop Tarts. “Even though everything was so awful, he [Roosevelt] would get out there and make everybody feel like he’s got their back and just hang in and we’re going to get through this.”

Drescher is even considering running for elected office herself.

“I think that this show might be a nice bridge towards that ultimate goal, but I think that I may find that this is a great forum to be able to share my passion and patriotism and desire to do things for the greater good,” she said. “(If I was to run) I would really make education a very big platform of mine because at the end of the day, all roads lead there, and if we think education is expensive, just stop and think what ignorance costs us.”

No word yet if Bobbi Flekman will be handling Drescher’s campaign PR.