Ed Driscoll

'Here in Canada, We love Government and Can't Get Enough of It'

“Come north, Mr. Obama, and you’ll get to chill out,” Josh Freed writes in the Montreal Gazette — and Josh, you can have him:

Your critics have a point when they say you waffle a lot, hemming and hawing over many decisions. But here in Canada, that’s seen as a strength, not a weakness. We are an uncertain nation and we prefer uncertain leaders who think twice, maybe 12 times, before they act.

That’s why we won’t give Stephen Harper a majority -he’s too certain about everything, which makes us uncertain about him.

The deeper difference in our countries is that many American Tea Party types hate any kind of government. They’d like to abolish the U.S. Education Department and the tax department, then rent out Washington to the Halliburton Corp.

But here in Canada, we love government and can’t get enough of it. If Canadians ever thought there was too much government, we would appoint a huge government commission to look into it.

There is also much less polarization in Canadian politics, [tell that to Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle, and others who dissent from the party line — Ed] apart from Question Period, which is so heated we never get to Answer Period. In truth, the closest thing in Canada to the Tea Party is T.O. Mayor Rob Ford, who just won on a campaign demanding slightly lower high taxes and slightly fewer more bike paths.

We don’t have a Sarah Palin here — our most controversial Canadian figure is Don Cherry.

However, Mr. President, if you do decide to come to Canada, maybe you could bring a couple of Canadian-style states with you, the only ones to vote Democrat. I think California would make a nice province.

Take it from one who lives there, California’s been doing its damndest to become just that.

(H/T: Mark Steyn)