Ed Driscoll

Don't Worry, They'll all Retire to Dagobah

“Democrats lose centuries of seniority in House,” the Washington Times reports:

Neither rookies nor seasoned veterans were spared in Tuesday’s House Democratic bloodbath, which saw Republicans defeat three major committee chairmen and at least seven lawmakers who claimed 20 years’ seniority or more in Congress.

While the losses of 16 freshmen “Obama babies” — those elected during the president’s 2008 sweep — were expected, the number of long-serving Democrats who lost re-election this week is staggering, and suggests a widespread dissatisfaction with Washington.

All told, with about a dozen races still uncalled, Democrats have already shed 376 years of congressional experience, and that could go as high as 430 years if five other Democrats lose races in which returns show they are trailing.

Losing outright were 18-term incumbent Minnesota Rep. James L. Oberstar, chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee; 14-term South Carolina Rep. John M. Spratt, chairman of the Budget Committee; and 17-term Missouri Rep. Ike Skelton, chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Want to grow as old as Yoda? Washington is clearly the place to do it in; though even after winning an election, it risks turning you into as bitter and cranky a figure as 70-year old Barney Frank, who seems perturbed he even has to go through the motion of campaigning. But then, as I’ve written before, whom the Gods destroy, they first render Nixonian.