Ed Driscoll

At Least Two Casinos Instructed Employees to Vote for Harry Reid

Earlier today, Ed Morrissey spotted the Harrah’s hotel and casino chain instructing its employees that if they know what’s good for them, they’d strongly consider voting for Senate Democrat Harry Reid:

Elizabeth Crum at NRO’s Battle ’10 has internal e-mails from Harrah’s, a major casino chain in Nevada, showing that management has been pressuring its employees to vote for Harry Reid in the Senate race.   The e-mails show that supervisors had to account for their staff turnout in early voting, demanding updates and explanations for non-performance.   A staffer on the Reid campaign offered to coordinate with the culinary union to provide buses to push employees to the polls:

Executives at the casino giant Harrah’s pushed company employees to vote early in an all-out effort to help the Harry Reid campaign, according to internal emails obtained by Battle ‘10.

The stepped-up effort began Wednesday when a Reid staffer sent an email pleading for help to Harrah’s top lobbyist, Jan Jones. Soon after, Marybel Batjer, Harrah’s vice president of public policy and communications, distributed that plea via email to executives throughout the company.

As Ed writes, “Nevada is certainly a place that knows about calling in markers,” And that includes the MGM Grand as well, as spotted by Kerry Pickett of the Washington Times:

In regards to the recent story by Red State on Harrah’s, the following pages are from the over 100 page voting packet given to MGM employees. A check mark means the individual is the incumbent. An asterisk means the individual is the preferred candidate of the company. MGM Resorts International is a publicly traded company.

Ed’s post links to a copy of Harrah’s memos; click over to Kerry’s page on the Washington Times for a PDF version of MGM’s voting instructions.