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'Go Back to Failed Policies? Seems Like We Never Left'

Great video by Reason on the similar fiscal policies of Presidents Bush and Obama — except that to borrow from Obama’s dopey car analogy, Obama jammed down much, much harder once he took office:

[youtube EEOIhLZ3Uxw]

Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Michael C. Moynihan also brought back a fun report from the Jon Stewart rally this weekend — with a hilarious punchline from Moynihan:

[youtube IlMq1R-64Qc]

And speaking of which, Greg Gutfeld of Fox’s Red Eye show, who’s looked at life from both sides now, adds:

[It] reminded me of my past, at Rodale – a health publishing company that put out Men’s Health, Prevention and Runners World. While I was an editor there, I was one of three or four conservatives, out of a company of 1300 people. The folks there were mostly young, cool and sinewy- just like the crazies I worked with while running Stuff and Maxim UK. Again, I was one of maybe, two nonlibs working and goofing off there.My point: every single day of my life was a Jon Stewart rally. Everyone around me was pleasant, usually white, and always reveling in their reflexive assumptions about the “rest” of less hip America. Yep, they were my people when we got hammered. But because of my beliefs, I was not theirs on election day. And they’d hammer me for that.

That’s why when I watch the rally, i just wondered, who needs it?

Well, maybe to show a divide between two groups: The tea party was about candidates; The sanity rally was about celebrity.

More important, the tea party was a civilian reaction to our government’s sprint toward progressivism. The rally, however, was a celebrity reaction to those civilians.

The rally boiled down to: “we’re cool, you’re crazy.”


Update: PJTV alumnus Steven Crowder nearly gets his video camera smashed at the rally:

[youtube YzJ9DQZrxvA]

As Allahpundit notes, linking to both Second City’s “Is Obama a Keynesian” clip and Crowder’s:

I have no way of knowing if they’re representative of the crowd — my assumption is that they’re emphatically not — but then that never stops the left from smearing tea partiers by tracking down the cretins at their rallies and giving them a spotlight. Enjoy the turnabout.

The “fun” starts about a minute into Crowder’s video, so if you’re curious, you don’t have to wait very long to see the violence inherent in the system.

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