Ed Driscoll

Oceania has always been at War with Oceania

As spotted by Mark Steyn, an unintentionally hilarious headline at the Huffington Post: “Gay Republicans Launch Homophobic Ad Against Barney Frank.”


Apparently GOProud calling Frank “catty” has given the HuffPo an intense case of the vapors:

[youtube qzyBYaFhjfk]G

So will there be a second “Massachusetts Miracle” this year? It’ll take one for Sean Bielat to pull an Scott Brown-style upset against Frank, but in any case, it’s great to see another well-run GOP campaign in a deep blue state.

By the way, the above ad is awfully mild compared to the mudslinging in the days of yore. What would the campaign ads of the 19th century look like if Philo T. Farnsworth’s invention had been perfected long before, as Joe Biden likes to say, President Roosevelt took to the airwaves in 1929? Wait’ll the HuffPo sees these hard-hitting, below the belt ads:

[youtube Y_zTN4BXvYI]

Meanwhile, Stacy McCain’s sidekick Smitty notes more unintentional irony:

Back at HuffPo, David Spencer Seconi, Managing Editor of CheatingCulture.com, offers “The Right’s Obsession With Voter Fraud.”

Perhaps Jon Stewart’s promise to “Restore Sanity” later today will have some positive impact inside the reptilian craniums in Arianna Land, but I’m not too hopeful, are you?

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