Ed Driscoll

Great Minds Satirize Alike

Mediaite reported last night, “Glenn Beck To MSNBC: “Why Don’t You Just Make Your Slogan ‘Bend Over’?””

MSNBC’s new “Lean Forward” campaign is large enough, bold enough, and the subject of just enough publicity to be the object of consistent ridicule from the right. We’ve seen the parodies, the defiant counter-ads, and now Glenn Beck has taken it upon himself to improve upon the original slogan, suggesting: “MSNBC: Bend Over” because, he explains, “I think it would be more appropriate.”

He’s taken it upon himself? Umm, I did this Photoshop back on October 4th and posted it the following day; note the slogan in the right-hand corner. (I’ve used it in subsequent Photoshops as well.)
Bend Over