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Shadowy Conservative Groups! Attack of the Baby Boomers!

Be afraid…be very afraid:


But not as afraid as former Journolist member Greg Sargent. Sargent was last seen attempting to make the Washington Post’s modified limited hangout that, as he wrote, the “Journolist flap shows conservative media conspiracy, not liberal one.”


Today, Sargent gets another case of the vapors at the Post, wetting himself over “one of the most audacious mailers ever” no doubt put into the mail on a dark and stormy night by the ultimate boogieman, “a shadowy conservative group:”

The 60 Plus Association, a shadowy conservative group that’s spending big money this cycle, has dropped a new mail piece in Virginia targeting Dem Rep. Gerry Connelly with a rather creative reading of economic history.

Yes, it’s yet another reference to Obamavilles, and certainly not the first, as a quick visit to Google would illustrate. More from Sargent:

What’s particularly interesting about this mailer is that the “Hooverville,” of course, was a symbol of government inaction in the face of the poverty and widespread misery of the Great Depression. But the 60 Plus Association, which is devoted to free enterprise and less taxation, is warning that “Obamavilles” will result if we don’t roll back government.


No, in retrospect, Hoovervilles, as with Obamavilles, are a symbol of the wrong actions taken during an economic slowdown. Or as Damon Root quipped last week at Reason when a journalist at the Atlantic fell on his sword trying to make the case that the progressive Hoover was secretly Mr. Laissez-Faire, “Wait, Herbert Hoover Wasn’t a Libertarian?”

(Amity Shlaes, call your office.)

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Update: Jonah Goldberg and Jennifer Rubin on another Sargent post: “The Only Thing We Have . . . Is Fear Itself.”

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