Ed Driscoll

'The Trauma is Obama'

And just like that, a meme is born, courtesy of bloggers Pundit & Pundette:

He’s working overtime not to get this: The trauma is Obama! And the massive rejection of his pernicious agenda is proof that plenty of responsible Americans are thinking clearly and acting rationally, at last.

Obama was speaking at a suburban Boston fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which raised an estimated $900,000. His remarks were somber and at times emotional as he tried to make sense of the political climate that changed so quickly since he was swept into office with overwhelming nationwide support.

He can’t handle the truth. All he can do is philosophize about the childlike  electorate’s weak-mindedness.

Hey, what a coincidence — John Kerry is saying the exact same thing as Obama:

“This is a tough year,” he said at the fundraiser at the home of Ralph de la Torre, the CEO of Caritas Cristi, a Massachusetts-based health care system. “Facts, science, truth seem to be significantly absent from what we call our political dialogue. It’s hardly a dialogue. It’s a shouting match, sloganeering.”

So ultra-liberal politicians are now the font of “facts, science, and truth”? Like the fact that the stimulus worked, and government created (or saved!) zillions of jobs? Or the fact that Obamacare won’t raise our healthcare costs?

Two weeks to go and this is what they’ve got? Oy.

Kerry and Obama on the same page? Whodathunkit?