'Who's Anti-Business Now?'

As Hugh Hewitt writes, “The White House must be looking at terrible polling numbers to pull out such a bizarre charge” as their recent October Surprise attack on the Chamber of Commerce:


The widespread rejection of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid record of the past two years is forcing even more Democratic incumbents into desperate defenses of what ought to be safe seats.

Rather than defend their votes on Obamacare, the “stimulus,” the takeover of GM, the vast spending, cap-and-tax and card check, Democrats are doing all they can do to change the subject from what they have done to what the evil Chamber of Commerce might have done in league with foreign money.

Truly, it is astonishing.  What could Team Obama be thinking?

In an interview with me yesterday, Karl Rove suggested one possible explanation:

I think they want to have an alternative narrative as to why they’re getting beaten so bad. They’re going to get beaten this badly this November because they’ve got bad policies, whether it’s spending, the stimulus, deficit, health care. You name it, their policies have, the American people have had it with them. So what they want is a counter-narrative. And the counter-narrative is the election was stolen by foreign campaign contributions funneled through the Chamber of Commerce, or gotten out by those evil-doers, Rove and Gillespie.

That makes some sense, but it is also a measure of the Democrats’ desperation that they would launch so desperate and convoluted an attack more than a week after absentee voting had begun across the country and in a way that cannot provide any certain benefit to any single candidate.

The White House must be looking at terrible polling numbers to pull out such a bizarre charge.


As the Obama administration’s attacks on the Chamber of Commerce continue to mount, leading some to recall the questionable fundraising of his presidential bid, at the Corner, Jonathan H. Adler asks, “Who’s Anti-Business Now?”

It was just three months ago that the White House was launching a campaign to counter the growing perception that the Obama administration is anti-business. Despite the president’s rhetoric, folks like Rahm Emanuel argued at the time, the administration was pursuing business-friendly policies. I wonder how that line is selling now?

Since Zombie has a new post noting the similarities between the Tea Party and sixties protesters, it’s worth reminding people that when it comes to the economy, War is Over, If You Want It….


Update: “Recipient of Foreign Donations Accuses Others of Taking Foreign Donations,” Jim Geraghty writes, with numerous examples of the former in his post.


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