Ed Driscoll

Somebody at MSNBC Call Mavis Beacon, Stat

Man, and I though my typing skills were idiosyncratic. With $24.9 million in stimulus grants flowing from the Obama administration to the parent company of their favorite TV network, you’d think somebody would spring for some typing lessons for Olbermann — or at the least, a stunt typist for the commercial:

[youtube Ew5qo1O13ig]

As Jim Treacher quips after watching this parody mash-up, “Apparently, MSNBC thought this was a bit too accurate in depicting what Keith’s show is really all about. Good call, MSNBC!”

Heh. Still, it’s as honest as their best print advertising:

At Big Journalism, under the auspices of new editor Dana Loesch, Warner Todd Huston writes that Bill Gates has spent five million dollars with ABC and PBS to promote his pet causes, such as the health conditions of the poor. If only he had his own TV news network to help get this information out…

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