Backward Ran the Adoration until Reeled the Mind

You can chart Time magazine’s dwindling, if slobbering love affair with Barack Obama with these two magazine covers from late 2008 and last year — or as I wrote at the time, “If Obama Is FDR, What Can He Learn From Him?”


Where it all ends knows November 2nd, when even Mark Halperin of Time magazine writes this week:

With the exception of core Obama Administration loyalists, most politically engaged elites have reached the same conclusions: the White House is in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working-class voters. This view is held by Fox News pundits, executives and anchors at the major old-media outlets, reporters who cover the White House, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders and governors, many Democratic business people and lawyers who raised big money for Obama in 2008, and even some members of the Administration just beyond the inner circle.

As Pundit and Pundette note, in a post titled, “Time columnist admits we were right about Obama:”

Isolated, insular, arrogant, and clueless. Well, that’s a start. Let’s not forget narcissistic, thin-skinned, unscrupulous, polarizing, and socialist.

The liberal media tried to hide it, but the truth will out. Now America is waking up to the reality of Obama. But the msm still struggles to comprehend. Victor Davis Hanson:

After the media’s embarrassment over the hagiographic coverage of Obama in 2007–9, they still cannot quite fathom that we have the most lashing-out and paranoid president since Richard Nixon — a nebulous and nefarious “they” always behind every administration stumble.

Read the rest of his brief post.


Hey, last year, Paul Krugman was begging Obama to be more like Nixon — or as Nick Gillespie quipped at Reason at the time, “Krugman: Nixon’s The One! Now More Than Ever!”

Looks like he’s finally got his man.

(At least until Paul starts wishing for All This and World War II once again.)

Update: Demagoguery such as attacking the Chamber of Commerce — which even Jake Tapper of ABC has compared with the lunacy of the Birthers, even as Obama uses them as a platform to advance his radical agenda — is only making the Obama administration’s competency gap grow to almost the size they’ve inflated the deficit.


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