Ed Driscoll

'White House Staff Exodus Exposes Obama to Charges of Disarray'

That’s the headline on this Guardian article; the book-thrower and streaker at a speech in Philly on Sunday aren’t helping matters. But then, as John Podhoretz wrote in early September, “Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong.”

And a president whose career on the national stage was launched by a pair of autobiographical books bearing his imprimatur, followed by outlandish appraisals from the media that helped birth his presidential bid, now must deal with books soaring past him on the podium. As the professor writes, “it’s better than a shoe, I guess. But boy, it took Bush a lot longer to get to the stage where people were throwing things at him.”

Not to mention, all of the current administration’s violent eliminationist rhetoric and silencing of dissent were likely to boomerang on the president sooner or later.

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