Ed Driscoll

Hey, I've Felt That Way For Two Years Now

“Three dozen fall ill at Obama rally,” at Bowie State University in Maryland And who can blame them? But as John Podhoretz wrote at the start of last month, “Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong:”

Presidents become incompetent at doing the things they were always able to do in their sleep, and their aides follow suit. I noted this when I wrote my first book, Hell of a Ride, about the decline and fall of the first President Bush, back in 1993. When Bush spoke, it rained, and his advancemen weren’t quick-thinking enough to move his events indoors. When he went to Japan on a state visit, he vomited.

20 years later, it’s the audience acting in a similar fashion to the current president. (Was it something he said?) And you just know that somewhere, “a rabbit licks his chops…”

Update: The New York Times adds:

Thursday’s rally, held at Bowie State University under beautiful clear skies, drew several thousand college students and local residents, many of them African Americas — core components of the Democratic Party base.

“I’m going to need you just as fired up as you were in 2008,” Mr. Obama told them.

When a heckler yelled “You’re a liar!” in response, people nearby spent the next few minutes shouting the heckler down, making it difficult for many in the audience to hear what the president, who was flanked on the dais by Maryland’s top elected Democrats, was saying.

The heckler himself isn’t that shocking — all public figures have to deal with them. But what’s really telling about how badly Team Obama has lost their mojo? The New York Times is actually piercing their readers’ cocoon with bad news about the administration.

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