Ed Driscoll

The Most Dangerous Job in the World: Editing Andrew Sullivan

William A. Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection blog writes, “I don’t know who Conor Friedersdorf is, but [Dan Riehl] doesn’t seem to like him, which is really surprising because Riehl likes just about everyone:”

Anyway, Friedersdorf’s self description has to be the most overrated job description in the history of humankind:

Over at The Daily Dish, where I am a senior editor, my boss Andrew Sullivan …

This raises several important questions:

  1. The Daily Dish is just a blog at The Atlantic; why does The Daily Dish need a “Senior Editor”?
  2. The only reason anyone reads The Daily Dish is to read what Andrew Sullivan has to say; why does The Daily Dish need a “Senior Editor”?
  3. Does Andrew Sullivan really think he can brand The Daily Dish?
  4. Is there a Junior Editor, and if so, why does The Daily Dish need a “Senior Editor”?
  5. What exactly does the Senor Editor of The Daily Dish edit?
  6. If the Senior Editor of The Daily Dish fell in the woods, would anyone notice?
  7. Why doesn’t Friedersdorf list his position as Senior Editor of The Daily Dish on his LinkedIn page?  (Quick, tell Greg Sargent and TPM – scandal!)
  8. Friedersdorf uses the phrase “where I am a senior editor,” which implies that there may be other Senior Editors.  Multiply these questions by the number of times Sarah Palin has been mentioned at The Daily Dish, then divide by the projected national budget deficit, then multiply by the number of Senior Editors of The Daily Dish, and I’m pretty sure you get Pi. *

At least Friedersdorf is not Senior Investigative Editor of The Daily Dish, which would have required travel to Alaska in search of the Biggest Fraud In The History Of Humankind.

Actually, there’s a ninth question, and it’s the best one of all:

What sorts of material would Andrew have dreamed up, if he didn’t have an editor and could just completely cut loose?

* Or you get $1,000,000, which was the goal, according to the Politico, of a fundraiser on behalf of the Democratic National Committee held inside the home of Linda Douglass, former ABC journalist turned Obama flack, who’s now the vice president for strategic communications at Atlantic Media, Atlantic magazine’s parent company.

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