'The One Nation March Didn't Seem Much into this Nation'

That’s Jimmie Bise’s great headline to his post on yesterday’s “One Nation” rally in DC. Perhaps John Edwards was right — on the left, there really are two nations: the USSR, which much of the signage yesterday referenced, and Woodstock Nation, as evidenced by the amount of trash left behind.


Power Line’s John Hinderaker adds two brief comments on yesterday’s yesterday’s event:

1) Four hundred organizations, including all the major labor unions, the NAACP, the Sierra Club, Code Pink, the Green Party, the Communist Party, Planned Parenthood and hundreds more were not able to turn out as many people as Glenn Beck.

Michael Barone has definitive visual proof of that, adding that “Suffice it to say that the crowd at Beck’s event was much, much larger. Plus he didn’t have to pay people to attend.”

More from Power Line:

2) One of the stated purposes of the gathering was to protest against lack of civility in public discourse. The program was opened by Ed Schultz.

The Left may be in even more disarray than we thought.

Not to mention that Schultz isn’t exactly the second coming of Broadway Joe when it comes to following through on blockbuster predictions.

Related: “Human Events Reporter Assaulted at Leftist Rally,” Jason Mattera writes:

A liberal protester at the “One Nation Working Together” march physically assaulted a HUMAN EVENTS reporter who was videotaping Rep. Charlie Rangel (D.-N.Y) at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where the liberal rally took place.

The reporter, Emily Miller, was first hit from behind while she was taping Rangel as the Harlem congressman glad-handed supporters in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Miss Miller is heard on the video saying, “Please don’t hit me.” The protester proceeds to yell at the reporter, “Well get out of the way! What do you think this is? A–hole.” The activist was attempting to meet Rangel herself. Miss Miller continued videotaping the event, when suddenly the same unhinged protester lunged at her, hit her on the arm, and yelled, “Don’t take my picture.”


Video at link; more video at Gateway Pundit: “Stunner. High School Students Admit They’re Getting Class Credit to Attend Leftist One Nation Rally.”

Jason Mattera
HUMAN EVENTS Reporter Assaulted at Leftist Rally


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