Ed Driscoll

Lada Gaga Wears the Meat

Headlines you don’t expect to find at the normally calm reserved Ricochet.com: “Hey Cher, Hold My Meat!”

OK, to be fair, the full headline is “Hey Cher, Hold My Meat (Handbag)!” But that sounds even weirder — weird enough for MTV and Lady Gaga herself:

She showed up at the VMA awards in a dress, hat, purse and shoes made entirely of meat. Here’s a photo.

Any man who ever thought his ultimate fantasy was a platinum blonde was taken to a higher level when introduced to a platinum blonde wrapped in bacon! MMMM bacon!

The people at PETA have been losing their organic lunches over the dress ever since the show.

Incidents like this normally invoke the media question, “What does this say about us, about society?” to which I answer, “Nothing. Lady Gaga isn’t us or society.” I don’t like her anyway because I spent my musical youth making sure disco was dead, and she’s bringing it back to life.

Although give Gaga credit — she’s identified whom the 21st century puritanical bourgeois are, and after several years of trying, has finally found a way to shock them.

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