Ed Driscoll

Evan Sayet, Closet Mafiaso

Another fun video ad for YouTube consumption, I believe created by the same production team responsible for the recent Young Frankenstein parody released by Mattie Fein, the Republican opponent of would-be Newsweek co-owner, Rep. Jane Harmon (D-CA). As  Stacy McCain writes:

I know nothing about Glenn Wilson, an independent candidate in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District, but he was certainly smart to get Ladd Ehlinger Jr. to produce this memorable campaign video:

[youtube EWSlUEfg37E]

Update (Smitty): Stacy, either my head ’sploded, or Don Dino, up whose nose the viewer nearly crawls, is Evan Sayet, after whose Heritage talk two years and three lifetimes ago you hired me for this gig.

And the video of Evan’s speech is definitely well worth of your time, if you’ve never seen it:

[youtube eaE98w1KZ-c]

Elsewhere on his blog, Stacy wonders what he has done to cause Gaia to unleash the animal kingdom on him.

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