Metaphor of the Day

Just in time to add to all of President Obama’s dopey car driving analogies, is a new one featuring another far left Democrat who shouldn’t have been behind the wheel of anything, metaphoric, or real:


This is one story that U.S. News & World Report’s Washington Whispers might want to keep to a low whisper or risk even more ridicule than what they are already receiving. Paul Bedard, writing in Washington Whispers, quotes Kennedy’s biographer and former girlfriend who claim that Ted was really an innocent victim of the Chappaquiddick accident. Here is Kennedy biographer Burton Hersh making the case for Kennedy as merely a lousy driver:

Now, a year after Kennedy died, his lifelong biographer Burton Hersh, armed with fresh interviews with Kennedy’s mistress at the time, tells Whispers that the whole July 1969 episode  should have been handled as a simple crash, leaving the senator’s legacy untainted. “It was a car accident,” he says. “Ted was a terrible driver. He never paid much attention to where he was going.”

We know, we know. And we’re all still paying the price for Ted’s lack of vision and foresight.


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