This is Epic CNN Fail

Layers and layers of editors, fact checkers and producers, and the Chyron guys still manage to get this on the air:

As Inside Cable News notes:

One would think the network with the “Best Political Team on Television” could tell the difference between Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin….not to mention spell Palin’s name right…

Update: Or knew that she ran for VICE-President. How’d I miss that one? This may be the most Hazard riddled screen grab in ICN history. I think three Hazards for one still is a record…


A few months ago, CNN’s Roland Martin was busy insulting his potential audience, when perhaps he might have wanted to point a middle finger or two at his own network:

“We got some pretty dumb people,” says the Chicago-based CNN contributor, relaxing in the network’s offices at Tribune Tower between appearances discussing “broken government.” “I mean, I know we’re not supposed to call Americans dumb…but sometimes you gotta go ahead and say it.”

Huh. You would think a network that has called half of the country alternately dumb, racist, Nazi-like and Islamophobic in recent years would hold itself to a much higher standard. On the plus side, at least CNN got the location correct on the lower third.


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