Ed Driscoll

The Ruling Class Protects Its Own

Circle those wagons! As Ace quips, “DNC Head Tim Kaine: Please, Democratic Candidates, Don’t Bash Pelosi, Reid, and Obama Just to Win Your Stupid Meaningless Elections.”

It almost seems like Kaine’s advice reached all the way to the AP, according to an item that Steve Green found:

From an otherwise-innocuous AP report on Nancy Pelosi’s House fundraising efforts:

No Democrat except Obama raises more money, say party officials, who credit Pelosi with pulling in $189 million since 2003. But she also is the GOP’s favorite target this year, eclipsing even the president in the guilt-by-association tactic that Republicans are using in dozens of races. [emphasis, obviously, added]

OK, if the Democrat incumbents in question voted for Porkulus, voted for Obamacare, voted for Cap & Tax, and all the rest, then there is no “guilt by association.” It’s just regular old guilt the GOP is exploiting, and the charge should stick — and stick hard.

Unless somebody can find an AP article from the last 15 years where they referred to the Demcrats’ attacks on Newt or  Dennis Hastert as “a guilt-by-association tactic that Democrats are using in dozens of races”, that some pretty blatant bias going on from an “objective” news agency — and no warning label was applied to the original article, to boot.