Ed Driscoll

There are No Atheists in Congressional Ethics Trials

Wow, who knew Democrat Charlie Rangel was, in his heart of hearts, such a rabid faith-based Christionist God worshipping reactionary?

Apparently, Rangel – rabid pro-abort – is spoken to often by God Almighty. Thee God. And apparently, Thee God is telling Rangel not to resign due to his tax evasion and ethics problems. This after he said that resigning would be UNAMERICAN!! So resigning due to corrupt behavior is both unAmerican and unChristian. I get the idea that Rangel doesn’t know much about either. From CBS News: Rangel Dismisses Obama’s Suggestion to Retire:

…In an interview with CBS “Early Show” Anchor Harry Smith last week, Mr. Obama called the ethics charges “very troubling” and suggested the 80-year-old, 20-term Democrat should soon end his career.

…Speaking with reporters after an event in Harlem, Rangel rebuffed the suggestion, the Hill reports.

…Asked why he doesn’t feel the need to resign, Rangel retorted, “Because I’m running for reelection,” Politico reports.And then he really went off the rails:

“How lucky you are when God tells you that you don’t have to take a plea,” he said.

As Doug Powers might say, “There’s soon to be an entire wing in the Nancy Pelosi Hall of Ecclesiastical Shame dedicated to Charles Rangel.”

I guess that whole Obama as God meme on the left has safely passed as well.

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