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Partying Like It's 1995

Did anybody else get a sense of deja vu over Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) melting down on the House Floor last week? This was the sort of Democrat made-for-C-SPAN moment that Rush Limbaugh used to run seemingly nightly on his old syndicated mid-1990s half-hour TV show.

Excerpts from several of Rush’s TV segments are available to his subscribers; this Windows Media clip features several far left freakouts in 1995 and can be downloaded here. That link might or might not work for non-subscribers, but there’s a YouTube version currently available to anyone, though the video and audio quality is much rougher.

The first clip that Rush highlights is the classic moment from 1995, when former Democratic Florida Rep. Sam Gibbons called the then-newly minted GOP Congress “a bunch of dictators.” Curiously, unlike today’s Weathermen and Black Panther-friendly, Che, Mao, Castro, Saddam and bin Laden-worshiping  left, I think the congressman actually meant his anti-dictatorship retort in a negative light, since the former WWII vet added, “I had to fight you guys 50 years ago.”

Meanwhile, at the Sundries Shack, Jimmie Bise spots a moment in Deep Blue Washington State that would have also played well in the mid-1990s. “BREAKING: Giant Republicans Roam Seattle, Are Cowed from Attacking Democrats by Cleverly Placed Signs!”

I get a kick out of the grassroots left at times. A guy in Seattle, WA has started a group called “RepublicansAreADisease.com”, wherein the anonymous author encourages all the oppressed and downtrodden Democrats in the state of Washington to Get Mad As Hell and Not Take It Anymore. They should, he explains, destroy Republican yard signs and replace them with his own creations, little Progressive McNuggets of anger.

If this confuses you, you’re not alone. I’m kind of baffled about it, too. Michelle Malkin clipped a bit of one of the anonymous freedom fighter’s screeds and it’s…interesting. Let’s just say I’m not feeling the Les Miserables-like spirit of the revolution.

I live in Seattle. I had a sign in the back of my car that read “Republicans America’s Worst Enemy”. Just to let you know I got 20 smiles and thumbs up for every shaking head, and finger!

No kidding? People in Washington, a state whose legislature has been run by Democrats for well over a decade, really go for anti-Republican car signs? Washingtonians, whose state House and Senate are almost 2-1 Democrat, don’t like Republicans all that much?

Well color me twitterpated! What else will this brave speaker of truth to power reveal?

When I get a little too upset, I print up some of these signs, take my ladder, and staple them up high on telephone poles in my neighborhood. If there are any Republicons around, I want my signs in their face. I am mad, and I won’t take their attacks sitting down any more.

Wait…the Republicans in Seattle are so big that signs way up on a telephone pole are “in their face [sic]? That sounds like a more serious problem then simple politics. There are true monsters among us!

Heh. Finally, Moe Lane has your “Top Ten Signs of DOOM.” Some of which have already occurred on the left, some are still pending. (A couple are just for fun. I think.) If the majority of the items on Moe’s list become true between now and November, get ready for many more far left mid-1990s-style primal screams to come.

Update: And speaking of primal screams…

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