Ed Driscoll

Deploy the Ostrich Maneuver!

At the newly revamped Corner, Daniel Foster asks, “Are the Democrats Kidding Themselves Re: the House?”

Greg Sargent has a memo circulated by the DCCC to House Democrats, making the case for why the Republicans will not take over come November.

I’m with Nate Silver and Jim Geraghty in finding their argument vague, weak, and wishful — though I would add that, if Vice President Biden’s comments about the “heavy lifting” being over for this Congress are true, and if Republicans don’t get their act together and present a coherent governing program to the American people, some of the air will have been let out of the anti-Democrat balloon by the time November comes around. Inaction, sadly, favors incumbency.

Still, I wonder if the DCCC is passing this sort of stuff around to steady the nerves of a fidgety caucus, or whether they really believe it. Neither is particularly good for the Democrats.

If it’s the former, you’re seeing the DCCC telling their members that the House majority is going to a beautiful farm upstate where it can run freely and play with other Democratic majorities, when what it should be doing is preparing them for war. If it’s the latter, and the DCCC actually thinks, for instance, that Republicans can’t win more than half the seats “in play,” then the whole caucus is in denial. Either way, this does not look like a party that understands it’s at DEFCON 2.

Similarly, E. J. Dionne of the JournoList-tained Washington Post believes it would be easier for all concerned, as Peter Suderman quips at Reason,“If We All Just Agreed that the Stimulus Worked.”

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