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Big Journalism: Politico’s Ben Smith More Interested in Palin Mis-tweet Than DOJ Whistleblower:”

My name is Hippocritico and I’m here to help my friends in the mainstream media protect their journalistic legacies by making sure they don’t come off as brazen, biased, hypocrites by covering a particular story that hurts one political party and not covering another story that hurts another.

A tale of one “journalist” and two news stories:

On one hand, we have the story of J. Christian Adams, a Department of Justice whistleblower who testified on the record to ongoing and systemic discrimination at the DOJ. As of today, a good faith search of the Politico site fails to show the name of said whistleblower having ever appeared anywhere on Politico. This includes Ben Smith’s 1200-plus word spread about a single conservative he scraped up who believes the whole Black Panther story is silly (which appears to be the only coverage of the story Politico has bothered with).

On the other hand, we have Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin mangling a word on Twitter. This very same Ben Smith not only found this Tweet worth mentioning, but worth mentioning in a headline where he linked to a blogger who accused Palin of “joining forces” with the “anti-Muslim Bigot Brigade.”

I am simply pointing this glaring hypocrisy and bad judgment out for the benefit of Mr. Smith and his editors who will hopefully soon wake up to the fact that this kind of “reporting” makes them look horribly dishonest – like left-wing ideologues disguised as journalists who have chosen sides.

That can’t be who they are… right?

Sure it can.

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