Ed Driscoll

PJM Political: Liberty, Tyranny, and Identity Politics

If you missed it on Sirius-XM today, click here to join host Steve Green of VodkaPundit.com for a look at Washington and beyond:

  • Ed Driscoll gets Steve’s take on the NAACP’s attack on the Tea Parties, a forecast of fall Congressional elections, and more.
  • Joe Hicks of PJTV discusses identity politics on the left and the right with John McWhorter of the New Republic, and Deroy Murdock of National Review.
  • Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.com interviews talker Mark Levin, author of the best-selling 2009 book Liberty and Tyranny, now out in paperback, on the fall races.
  • Pajamas Media’s DC Bureau Chief Richard Pollock talks with Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) on the Justice Department and the New Black Panthers’ possible case of voter intimidation on election day, 2008.
  • Produced by your humble Blogospheric narrator.

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