Ed Driscoll

Is it Still Good to be King at CNN?

At Accuracy in Media, Don Irvine writes, “Larry King has been a fixture on CNN for 25 years. But his longevity has become a liability for the network as both his ratings and his ability have noticeably slipped:”

As with the Helen Thomas who hung around far past her prime because no one had the guts to tell her that she was no longer much of a journalist the same can be said for King whose iconic status at CNN has left the network with an aging host whose command of the subject matter has deteriorated along wit his ratings.

If CNN wants to dig themselves out from under the bottom of the cable news ratings pile then they need to make some tough decisions and one of the first would be to part company with King.

Read the whole thing for numerous recent examples of Larry in action. But I don’t think Larry is the problem at CNN. On the contrary. Given a network whose “news” anchors consist of…

….It’s hard to escape the conclusion that far from obsolete, Larry King is actually what passes for gravitas at the pioneering cable news outlet turned Wayne’s World-esque public-access news network.

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