Ed Driscoll

'The Forward March of Progress Wasn't Supposed to Happen this Way'

Roger L. Simon recently wrote:

I lost it with the fuddy-duddy, seventies-style women’s libs after their pathetic non-response, post 9/11, to Islamic misogyny.

Stuck in time, the leftover libbers still regarded membership rules at Georgia country clubs as a more serious threat to women than the billion-plus people under Sharia law.

This reached its black comic apogee (for now) with Nicholas Kristof’s recent review of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s new book in that bastion of feminism, the New York Times. Kristof — husband of the Times‘ Sheryl WuDunn — attacked a woman whose filmmaking partner was assassinated by an Islamist, who has had a forced clitorectomy, and who is under constant threat of being murdered … for going too far in her criticisms of Islam.

Oh well. What’s a little multiculturalism among “feminist” friends?

Meanwhile, in the real world of yesterday’s election results, Republican women seem to be gaining everywhere, breaking glass ceilings as if they weren’t even there. As my grandmother used to tell me, it’s not what you say, it’s what you do.

And naturally, the fuddy-duddy, seventies-style women’s libbers are none-to-happy with this week’s progress. But then, there’s very little that would make them happy, as “Cosmopolitan Conservative” notes, spotting an unintentionally hilarious quote from a “progressive” feminist along the way:

*I’m tempted to print out Hanna Rosin’s comment and frame it. Out of every feminist blog post, article, book or publication that I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot, this comment by Rosin is my absolute favorite. It reeks of desperation and anger. You can almost picture her sitting on the floor and crying:

The forward march of progress was really not supposed to happen this way. We were waiting for someone different, better, fresher. Someone more on our team.

Or as Cassy Fiano bluntly puts it, “Fascist feminism strikes again: victorious conservative women are ‘a blow to feminism.'”